Idea Buyer Makes Phone Throne Idea Reality

Idea Buyer Makes Phone Throne Idea Reality

Date: February 20, 2019

An example of what is takes to get a product ready for market…

Phone Throne has gone through an entire product development life cycle with the Idea Buyer team. The startup has become a perfect case study for how Idea Buyer can help entrepreneurs with everything necessary for making an idea reality and launching a business around it.

Idea Buyer Product Photo Phone Throne Whitebox Facetime

What now makes for an awesome product photo shoot, wasn’t always this way….

Phone Throne came to Idea Buyer in 2016 with a concept for a product to hold a phone upright, on any surface. Phone Throne(s), as the product’s name, is pretty much the only thing that hasn’t been changed.

Flashing back to Phone Throne, V1 logo and wooden prototype, circa 2016, also known as before Idea Buyer.

before idea reality

Branding went through several iterations and changes.

The product development phase, in preparation for manufacturing, also had many prototype versions to make this idea reality.


All of these variations were required to get to the final product. Initial versions were created to determine size and materials. The hinges, specifically became an area of difficulty. Each of the test cases, listed in the product requirements document, were tested. When there was a failure, it was fixed and a new version was created for another set of tests. Idea Buyer’s manufacturing team, with support of the development and design teams, knocked this product out of the park.




It’s pretty hard to believe that 8 logo versions and 5 prototypes later, this product has completed its first production run. Even more impressive, Phone Throne has had great market reception. The product will be officially launching, this week. The Idea Buyer team has worked countless hours to get this concept ready for market and are proud to be a part of this idea reality transition!

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