Date: October 05, 2019

A New Manual Mobile Washer To Clean Bearings

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There are a lot of harmful ways to clean your greasy bearings. Thus, using dangerous solvents may cause skin irritants and emit hazardous fumes. A new manual mobile washer machine that cleans stained and greasy bearings is available in the market called Bully Manual Mobile Bearing Washer. Instead of using those solvents that are harmful to your health via inhalation, you can avoid exposure in solvent vapors by using Bully machine to clean your bearings.

Bully Idea Buyer Product

Bully is a manual mobile-bearing washer that has four sturdy brushes and a spring-loaded pump handle. It cleans the bearings two times faster than washing by hand. Loading the Bully with dirty bearings is simple, easy and takes less than two minutes.

This manual bearing washer can be easily used. You just need to lift the wing plates on the top of the chamber and remove the handle to slide the bearings onto the shaft. After closing the wing plates and replacing the handle, a swift pumping motion is all that’s needed to effectively scrub bearings free of dirt and grime. Bully is ideal for motors and machines such as aircraft hangars, auto garages, and junkyards. It is the fastest and safest way to clean bearings.

Benefits of using Bully as a cleaner:

  • Clean two bearings at a time
  • Spring-loaded handle and sturdy brushes scrub thoroughly
  • Reduces the risk of injury for mechanics
  • Easily clean bearings without a sink
  • Load, pump and clean in less than 2 minutes
  • No mess and effortless cleaning of bearing without getting your hands dirty
  • Efficient cleaning machine that saves you more time and money

So next time if you have to clean your bearings, have Bully in mind! As a result of these, you can save time, effort and cost.


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