How to Go Broke Inventing

Did that headline grab your attention? We hope so! The all-too-unfortunate truth today is that many inventors waste tons of money on things that they A) do not need yet, B) could get cheaper, if they did their homework, or...

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Inventor How-To: Keeping Your Finances in Order

With all the invention-related things on an inventor’s mind, it is easy to overlook another important consideration: keeping your finances in order! The importance of a well-organized and documented financial life cannot be stressed enough. That being the case, it...

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How to Get The Right People Behind Your Invention

All inventors have, at one time or another, pined for “the right people.” Be they investors, programmers, distributors, writers, architects, butchers, bakers, or candlestick makers, personnel is a crucial ingredient to the success of any invention. But getting the right...

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