Product Credibility

Bandit Coffee for Teachers

Counting down to Christmas with 25 days of products! With only 20 days left until Christmas, Bandit Coffee has you covered with their single serving instant packs! Grab some to stuff in a stocking or in a mug as a...

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The Priorities for Gaining Credibility for Your Invention

With all the false starts that come with inventing something, it is easy to feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of inventing: like you get “no respect” from credible figures in your field. If investors are turning you down, business partners...

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Getting Endorsements for Your Invention

When it comes to establishing your credibility and value, few things are more effective than endorsements. An endorsement puts a trusted and well-known figure behind your invention. It says to potential customers, in effect, “I wouldn’t stake my reputation on...

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