Holiday Oral Health

Silver Care naturally prevents toothbrush germs! With only 21 days left until Christmas, who can afford to be sick? Standard toothbrushes can hold bacteria that can make you sick. Silver Care is the only toothbrush on the market that is...

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MagneCarry Monday!

Carry concealed life has changed drastically with MagneCarry! Fully developed and manufactured with Idea Buyer, this product changes the game for people that carry concealed handguns. The magnetic clip attaches to a waistband and a concealed handgun stays securely in...

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Brazzle Launch Day

Idea Buyer Product, Brazzle is Launching Today! Idea Buyer LLC Announces Brazzle Official Product Launch Rhinestone Bra Strap Clips Available Now!   Fashion and function combine to create Brazzles, a small solution for a big problem. More than just a...

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