Better Business Bureau Announcement

Better Business Bureau Announcement

Date: December 07, 2018

Business Development Company Cuts BBB Funding, Donates to SBE Council



As of Friday, December 7, 2018, Idea Buyer has ceased involvement with the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio, better known as the BBB.

Idea Buyer supports entrepreneurship and the growth of small business. From our experience, the BBB does not.

“It’s unfortunate that the Better Business Bureau has no interest in the economic impact that comes when you don’t support your city’s small businesses. We are currently working with over 800 entrepreneurs. Ultimately, our company cannot support an organization that is contradictory to the growth of entrepreneurship in America,” said, Lindsey Yeauger, Executive Vice President.

Our company executives decided that the sum of money given to the Better Business Bureau annually, could be better spent. Idea Buyer has committed to annually donating that amount to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship council. The SBE council has been protecting small businesses and promoting entrepreneurship since 1994.

To learn more about the SBE Council, click here.





Idea Buyer remains passionate about supporting the visions of entrepreneurs. America was founded on innovation and entrepreneurship. The Better Business Bureau claims to serve consumers, Idea Buyer will continue to support entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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