CADs for Manufacturing

CADs for Manufacturing

Date: April 06, 2018

What are CADs and how do you make them?

CADs, also known as Computer Aided Design, are typically necessary before manufacturing. The drawings specify the product’s measurements and requirements for making the physical product. Idea Buyer uses a program called Solidworks.


Here is a time lapse video of Idea Buyer’s head of prototyping, working on the CADs for a new product.


In most cases, manufacturing quotes will require the production of CADs. Occasionally, products can use sourced materials. The quote would then be for the existing materials. Exact drawings are necessary for new products requiring molds.

Idea Buyer works with innovator/inventor entrepreneurs to set and grow towards their goals. Often, manufacturing of their product idea is a life-long dream. From an Idea Buyer perspective, there’s nothing better than seeing an entrepreneur hold their product for the first time.


Idea Buyer was founded in 2007. Eric Corl is the founder and president. The company is operates out of Dublin, Ohio. For more information, contact us!

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