App Idea Creation

App Idea Creation

Date: November 15, 2017

What to Consider when Creating an App Idea

Do you have a great app idea but don’t know what to do next?

More than programming goes into an app. Before you make your app idea a reality, here are things to know:


What is your app idea in one sentence?

Consider it an elevator pitch, a plug, a tagline, etc for your app idea. Basically, what is the most simplistic definition of the purpose of your app idea? Do you want to provide a self-help platform? Are you looking to create a new dating app? Take that and add differentiation. Only two or three words to express what makes the app desirable alongside a simplified purpose statement will create intrigue.


Why will someone want to download and use your app?

This question will help you design your app with the end-user in mind. A unique set of features or functions can make the app more desirable. What about your app idea will push someone to choose it over a web URL platform of the same information?


What does the competition for your app idea look like?

Like any business, you need to be aware of your competition. If the problem that your app idea solves is already being solved, it doesn’t mean you need to abandon it. Consider usability of the competition. Can you make yours better? What aspects of your app will make app users want to delete the other app and use yours instead? How are you going to promote those downloads?

What is the end goal for your app?

Are you looking to use the app to build a business around or to promote an existing business?

Building an App-Based Business: If you are going to be building a business around the app then there are aspects of the app that should be considered in the design and development for initial and future aspects of revenue generation. The team that you use to make your app idea a reality should be well-versed in not only creating apps but business. Building a business around an app means you will be THE entrepreneur soon be facing the ability to grow and sustain your business! Surround yourself with the right people and knowledge to generate the results you are seeking.

Building a Promotional App: Creating an app to promote your current business will require that the design is cognizant of your current branding and allows for simple recognition. Additionally, the user interface should create desire for current customers to become users while also enticing new users.


While you may not have all of these answers yet, that’s ok! Just keep the questions in the back of your mind as you are brainstorming. If you are struggling through the brainstorm process and wondering how you will do full development, contact us for more information on our app development services.





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