Date: July 13, 2019

Protect-Alert-Locate on the Go!

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When faced with a Life Threatening Moment, GO PAL advantageously features 3 crisis-specific ways to instantly signal for immediate help. This is the ultimate personal security device that ensures the absolute fastest response time during an emergency to finally hit the market!

Go Pal Personal Security Device Idea Buyer Product

Go anywhere with Confidence knowing our unit has you covered. Protect yourself with our Ultimate Portable Personal Security Solution . Alert the authorities instantly, silently, or audibly. Locate – all 3 buttons immediately activate a pin-point GPS locator that transmits your precise location to authorities for immediate dispatch.

911 button sends an immediate alert for instant dispatch for Police and activates a two- way communication and can sound an audible alarm.

MEDICAL button works the same way but alerts for Ambulance.

PANIC button silently alerts authorities you are in an ambush situation without your attacker knowing.


Who we are?

• Panic Button for inconspicuously contacting authorities without a predator/attacker knowing.
• Raised buttons with pronounced lettering to ensure the correct button is pressed in a concealed manner because Every Second Counts.
• Large Target Market – Women, Parents, Children, and Seniors.
• High Appeal to Renters, Condo/Townhouse owners where permanent security systems are prohibited.


When time is of the essence there is only one safety product you can trust. Protect, Alert, and Locate with the Go PAL personal security device!


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