Having Multiple Patents for Sale

Having Multiple Patents for Sale

Date: October 23, 2007

One of the issues in regards to having multiple inventions that you’re working on at the same time is the all too familiar focus factor. When you try to move multiple inventions along at once you are spreading your time, money, and energy in different directions which makes it hard to progress well on either of them. Therefore, it will typically take longer and be harder to sell 3 patents than to sell 1 even if you sell them in sequence.

The best way to approach your multiple patents for sale is to prioritize which ones you think are best positioned in terms of timing, how developed they are, their market potential (# of potential customers and unit price). Once they have been prioritized using those criteria, create a strategic plan and pursue each one individually of the others. You should focus 100% on getting your invention in front of potential buyers.

After coming to terms regarding your first patent being you’ve either sold it outright, locked up a licensing deal, or decided the timing isn’t right, you’ll be ready to regroup and start working on the next one. Given that the market conditions and your experience may have improved you’re patents may now have a different priority scale so you will want to prioritize them against your criteria once again. You’ll then want to decide which patent you’d like to list for sale and get going on that one.

This process can obviously repeat as many times as you would like but your priorities will most likely change after you have a few successful licensing or sale deals. Marketing a patent for sale to companies looking for new technology and product development can be a strenuous job. There are a wide variety of inventor groups that can help you get to market quicker. These groups typically have a few successful inventors involved in them and then the rest being amateurs. Never the less, they are very beneficial groups to get involved with as you can share experiences in processes as well as with various companies.

To list your patent for sale you can visit https://www.ideabuyer.com and get it exposure in front of companies looking for new products or technology to commercialize. There is a fee but it is extremely reasonable given the amount of value you will receive from the listing and the site in general.