Bullying Prohibited at Idea Buyer

Bullying Prohibited at Idea Buyer

Date: March 22, 2018

Idea Buyer Adopting No Tolerance, Anti-Bullying Policy

In light of recent events brought to my attention, it has become necessary to address Idea Buyer’s stance on bullying.


If you have ever had the opportunity to visit the Idea Buyer office in Dublin, Ohio, you probably noticed three things:


1) The people that work here are good human beings. 

2) Our team is a family.

3) We all work very hard and are good at what we do.


There is not one person in this office that I wouldn’t go to bat for. I also am not afraid to tell any of the employees here that they made a mistake and need to fix it. We are all human. I expect them to learn from it and do their best to prevent it in the future. One of the expectations that I DO NOT have of my employees is to take bullying or harassment from our clients or partners. No person deserves to be screamed at, cursed at, threatened, insulted, physically threatened, verbally abused or demeaned in any manner.


It has come to my attention that in defense of the family unit we have at Idea Buyer, people that I care about were allowing our clients or partners to cross that line.

That ends today.

Idea Buyer will not tolerate our employees being treated with anything but dignity and respect. We appreciate the 99% of our clients and partners that speak to Idea Buyer employees with courtesy, kindness, respect and professionalism. It’s like the old saying, “There’s one bad apple in every bunch.” To the good apples, thank you. 🙂


This is my company and these are my people. If you feel the need to bully them, please take your business elsewhere. Their expertise is only deserving to those who appreciate it.


For all threatening, insulting, aggressive, demeaning, abusive or unprofessional communication, you may contact me directly with an apology. If you have intentions of treating me with the same bullying tactics that you have to my people, please make the subject line “Separation Agreement” and I will be happy to have our lawyer get one over to you. Lindsey@IdeaBuyer.com


— Lindsey Yeauger, Executive Vice President


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