Increase Your Creativity – 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Finding Your Unique Natural Creative Flow

Increase Your Creativity – 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Finding Your Unique Natural Creative Flow

Date: August 03, 2007

by Dan Goodwin

When we’re in the flow, creating CAN be as easy and as painless as pouring warm honey down your throat.

But only when we let it…

More often we make it about as pleasurable and soothing as gargling nails!

Here are some the mistakes we make when trying to find our natural creative flow, and what to do to overcome them:

Mistake 1: Expect everything you try to work perfectly.

There’s a very powerful (and true) saying that “If one person can do something, then another person can do the same thing.” And there’s much to be gained from following the examples others have had success with.

With creating there’s no need to re-invent the wheel each time we go to create. There are hundreds of tips and techniques we can pick up from reading and researching creativity, and many of them are very effective.

The secret to finding your own creative flow though is to experiment widely then discard what doesn’t work for you, and do more of what does work. If you expect every single tip you read to work perfectly then you’ll be disappointed.

At the heart of creativity is the attitude of experimenting, exploring, seeing things in ways that others haven’t before, and making new connections. If we apply this philosophy to everything in our creative lives, it’ll help us to live up to our creative potential.

Mistake 2: Do something that works for a while, then stop doing it.

When we do find something that helps us be more creative, obviously it’s a good idea to keep doing it. Often though, delighted at the progress we’ve made, we’ll get complacent. We feel we’ve had some kind of breakthrough, and from now on creating will be so much easier.

That’s probably true. But ONLY if you keep doing the things that are working so well. If you’re on a bicycle and stop pedalling, pretty soon you’ll come to a standstill. But keep pedalling at a steady rate and you’ll cover miles in a very short time.

Apply the same idea to the techniques you’ve found that work for helping you be more creative. Keep doing them, and keep refining them so they’re even more powerful and effective for you.

Mistake 3: Getting easily disheartened.

So, you’ve found some creative routines that work really well for you, and you’re making great progress in your creative projects. Then you hit a sticky patch.

Something happens to throw you off your rhythm and it dents your confidence. Instead of continuing to practice the methods that have been working, you stop doing them all in a moment of panic.

But of course this only makes things harder. If you carry on through these more challenging times (which we all experience) by doing what you’ve proved works well, then you’ll soon be through them. The worse mistake you can make is to give up what you know is effective for you.

These are 3 of the most common mistakes we make that disrupt our natural creative flow.

Think carefully about which you’ve done in the past. How can you take a different approach from now on? An approach that will serve your creativity well, and allow it to flow as freely as possible?

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