Motorized Caddy

Motorized Caddy

Date: June 10, 2019

Transport My Way – Motorized Wheelchair Caddy

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June 10, 2019— Dublin, Ohio

Patent No. US9358163B1

Though motorized wheelchairs can definitely make life easier, they are a significant investment. While they may pack a substantial punch to your budget, a motorized wheelchair can be a necessity if regular wheelchairs can’t keep up with you and your lifestyle. The solution? The Transport My Way motorized wheelchair caddy, a convenient customization for any wheelchair.

Transport My Way Wheelchair Caddy Idea Buyer Product

Transport My Way is your affordable wheelchair transport solution-attach the Caddy to any conventional either standard or larger wheelchair in seconds to turn it into a motorized one with multiple speed settings. Installation is easy – simply set the wheelchair in the Caddy and attach the remote control; straightforward and convenient.

Idea Buyer Product Wheelchair Caddy Transport My Way

 Wheelchair Solution for Themeparks Transport My Way Idea Buyer Product


Convert YOUR wheelchair into a MOTORIZED wheelchair now!

Here’s why:

–  Universal fit works with any standard or larger wheelchair

–  Easy installation and removal

–  Multiple speed settings

–  Fits standard and wide wheelchairs


Transport My Way  is the easy way to manage mobility needs without spending a small fortune. The universal design is compatible for use with any standard or larger wheelchair. Need to use a standard wheelchair for a while? No problem! Removal is as easy as installation. Don’t let standard wheelchairs keep you stationary. Get around your way, with Transport My Way.


“I can only imagine what it would be like to worry about mobility everywhere you went. I am proud that our team is part of a startup that will make going new places easier for people.” – Eric Corl, Idea Buyer President and CEO

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