Pecan Pick up

Pecan Pick up

Date: May 29, 2019

Complete The Entire Harvest Effortlessly

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Harvesting pecan nuts are incredibly very simple because it naturally drops from the tree. You can also knock and shake the tree to encourage the nuts to fall.  But the real challenge here is how you can collect all those nuts individually. Harvesting can be backbreaking and annoyingly tedious process, but it no longer has to be. An easiest way to harvest these Pecans is by using Pecan Pickup.

Pecan Pickup makes harvesting pecans quick and easy. It is a portable vacuum design perfect for collecting all the Pecans in a large area without the unnecessary work,  wasted time and frustration. You can collect up to 150 pounds of pecans in just one hour without even needing to empty your Pecan Pickup.

Idea Buyer Product Pecan Pickup

How To Use Pecan Pickup?

You can use this machine by simply wheel the innovative device to your harvesting area. Turn it on and use conveniently. It has 16 ft hose to vacuum all the surrounding pecans. Once all of the pecans have been sucked into the Pecan Pickup, wheel it home to dump out your harvest to store. To empty the container, unhook the lid to pull it off and use the handle to tilt the collection bucket over. You’ll have up to 150 pounds of perfectly harvested pecans in just one hour of easy work.

There is a lot of traditional methods in harvesting pecan but it will require more effort and your time. Gathering these nuts is very challenging so why waste your precious time if you have Pecan Pickup!


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