Roll Poles

Roll Poles

Date: August 30, 2018

No More Searching For Toilet Paper

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Patent #US9661959B2

August 30, 2018 – How important is toilet paper in our daily lives? Definitely important since we use it almost everywhere. Toilet paper is a household commodity that plays an important role in modern life. We used it for hygiene and convenience. Therefore, it is important to store more toilet papers. Through this, it will be available anytime especially during emergencies. However, we sometimes run out of space for them. And the best solution is the Roll Poles!

Roll Poles Image

Roll Poles

Roll Poles are merge storage and organization in one aesthetic solution. It is designed for easy and effortless installation. They are best installed under the sink for discrete and ultra-functional storage. The construction allows for easy attachment to virtually any wall, cabinet as well as doors. It completely eliminates the need for any other freestanding or stationary toilet paper holder. Additionally, it utilizes unused storage which saves extra trips back and forth to the storage closet. It also keeps your restroom organized and clutter-free with Roll Poles!

Special Features:

  • 9 roll capacity
  • Utilizes wasted storage space
  • Easily installed anywhere
  • Free up space in other storage areas
  • Discrete organizational solution

One of the concerning things, is a lack of space, especially in our bathrooms. We need space for tissue papers where we can easily access it whenever we need it. Installing these poles inside your bathroom or in the walls for toilet paper is the wisest thing you can do. It can save you space. You can stack your toilet paper neatly with this toilet paper poles. So no need to panic because Roll Poles provides you the convenience every time.



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