Safe Brush

Safe Brush

Date: July 17, 2019

Hygienic Toothbrush in a Snap!

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June 17, 2019— Dublin, Ohio

One benefit of good personal hygiene is better health. Caring for your overall health includes oral hygiene. There are millions of different bacteria living in your mouth. No need to panic because most of it is good bacteria and daily personal oral care keeps the bad bacteria away! But what keeps bacteria away from your toothbrush? Safe Brush was created for just that!

Safe Brush Dental Hygiene Idea Buyer Health Product

Why is it best to maintain oral hygiene with Safe Brush?

– Reduces toothbrush exposure to airborne and surface germs

– Keeps brush bristles protected

– Decreases risk of illness

– Secure snap-on design stays on when packed in an overnight or travel bag

The Safe Brush toothbrush is designed with a cover-all cap that snaps securely onto the brush head, preventing bristles from coming into contact with everyday airborne toxins and bacteria when not in use. Other brush caps merely surround the brush head instead of encasing it, leaving gaps in the protection. The Safe Brush’s transparent cap goes on with an audible click indicating a tight, reliable hold that covers the bristles completely, significantly reducing transference of airborne and surface bacteria.

There are many different features in the current market but the Safe Brush has the advantage of it all comes in a complete package. Other products, currently on the market, come separately and do not completely cover the bristles.


Founder, CEO and self-proclaimed germophobe, Eric Corl said, “I like anything that keeps germs away. Especially from my toothbrush.”

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