See Shade

See Shade

Date: July 10, 2019

Electric Way To Keep Cars Cool

A properly tinted car can help reduce a car’s heat and temperature. The heat may rise up like the temperature inside the oven. Cars that are overexposed to the sunlight may cause fading of your interiors such as the fabric of your car seat. The bright glare of sunshine can make it difficult to drive. Also, a study shows that exposing ourselves to the sun by 10 am until 4 pm may cause serious problems. We are not protected by our car windows unless we have See Shade installed!

Idea Buyer Product See Shade

See Shade will protect you from UV radiation and your car from damaging upholstery that is prone to fading and cracking. It is attached to the dashboard by suction cups.

Solar-powered and operated by a one-touch toggle switch. The Electric Sunshade unrolls like a lampshade when in use. The design integrates material thick enough to block out the sun while still remaining translucent enough to allow drivers to maintain a safe visual on the road. Another important thing is that you can reduce the load of air condition in your cars when you have this electric shade.

Benefits of using this Electric Shade:

  • Visual comfort
  • Responds quickly using a toggle switch
  • Blocks the harmful rays of the sun
  • Reduces eye fatigue when driving
  • Easy suction cup installation
  • Retractable
  • Environmentally friendly solar power
  • Reduces sun exposure on the skin and car interior
  • Allows for the regulation of car temperature
  • Compact design rolls away when not in use

This is the best way to regulate temperature and prevent occupants and interiors from being exposed to the sun for prolonged amounts of time-convenience. It is definitely cost-effective. A UV protection all rolled into one!


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