Sturdy Step

Sturdy Step

Date: September 01, 2019

The Safest Extension Ladder On The Market

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Extension ladders are useful especially if we are trying to reach something. The question is, are extension ladders safe? A single wrong step using a regular ladder may cause accidents. Another high chance of an accident to happen is when we forgot to solidly set the ladder before climbing. Extension ladders are oftentimes not safe because it is not-self supporting and require a secure structure that can hold you with the weight you have. Therefore, in order to prevent accidents to happen in several scenarios, look for the safest extensions ladder. The safest extension ladder on the market today is Sturdy Step.


Sturdy Step

Sturdy Step Safety Ladder Idea Buyer Product

Sturdy Step is an extension safety ladder that features a drop-down brace that locks securely onto any roof pitch, providing additional points of contact for safe climbing and dismounting.

Safety Features are:

  • Built-in tension cables secure Sturdy Step to gutters or gutter pins
  • OSHA safety requirement compliant
  • Prevents ladder from shifting or swinging during use


It actually works like a normal ladder but includes attached tension cables that you hook onto the gutter or gutter pins that secure you to any structure you are climbing. With Sturdy Step, you can be secured when climbing even in less perfect situations because of the brace attached to it. It is assembled easily by first extending the ladder. Release the drop-down base and lock onto the roof pitch. From this point, you can walk through the ladder and onto the roof eliminating having to swing your body around one side of the ladder exposing yourself to a great risk of falling. It gives you more points of contact to use when dismounting from a roof, where most falls statistically happen. It’s as if there is someone spotting or holding the ladder for you without having someone there.


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