Sun Safety Has Never Been So Easy

Sun Safety Has Never Been So Easy

Date: January 14, 2008

It is no secret that unprotected, repeated overexposure to the sun will cause skin cancer. More than that, daily exposure to ultraviolet light will cause premature aging and wrinkles. Despite these undeniable facts, many people refuse to easily prevent these problems by following the simple routine of applying sunscreen when they go outdoors; people are constantly putting themselves at risk for serious health problems. With the introduction of an invention from Aquea Scientific, the daily application of sunscreen will be something that is already a part of your daily routine.

California-based research company Aquea Scientific’s flagship product, Aquea SPF, has taken off in the field of cosmeceuticals. This multi-patented creation blends, for the first time, the importance of applying sunscreen with the ease and necessity of taking a shower or washing your face. Through their ground-breaking product they have formulated a way to introduce their sunscreen formula into ordinary body wash, soap, shampoo and facial cleanser. According to the Aquea Web site, it is all-day protection ranging from SPF 2 to SPF 15+, depending on the formula.

Additionally, the introduction of Aquea SPF to soap, according to the Aquea Web site, does not reduce the lathering qualities or functionality of the original product. It does not leave the greasy or oily film that results from the use of many common sunscreens either. This makes the product not only more convenient, but more manageable than traditional sunscreens.

The secret to the functionality of this innovative technology lies in its creative formula and is as easy to understand as the attraction between negative and positive charges. According to a feature on the product in Popular Science Magazine, “Aquea Scientific encapsulates (Aquea SPF) in tiny silica shells and bombards them with protons, giving the silica a positive charge that helps it cling to negatively charged skin.” This positive/negative attraction allows the product to stay attached to the skin through washing and drying. The technology in this formula is referred to as “Wash-On” by Aquea. A visual representation of the science behind the formula’s function can be found on the Popular Science Web site.

Since Aquea does not manufacture soaps or shampoos, they must offer their product to a company that can use their Aquea SPF as an additive for efficient UV protection. The first company to do so was Freeze 24-7 for use in their Ice Shield facial cleanser, offering SPF 15 protection. Freeze has marketed their product highlighting the UVA anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties of the Aquea technology.

Aquea SPF has been acknowledged as a significant development in the field of cosmeceuticals. With the initial introduction of the product in 2006, the company was recognized by Health and Beauty America and Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine with the Best New Technology award. That was a considerable achievement for a company if its size. “For Ventura‘s Aquea Scientific, a private company with about 10 employees, taking the award was equivalent to a small independent film grabbing that Oscar,” said an article in the Ventura County Star newspaper. Further, Popular Science has included Aquea SPF in their Best of What’s New 2007 awards. They were recognized as the grand award winner in the personal health category.

The Wash-On technology used to attach sunscreen to the body through charged particles is not limited to the Aquea SPF sunscreen. It can be used for a variety of active ingredients that are inconvenient to apply regularly, including insect repellent, anti-aging products and anti-acne medications. According to the Wash-On technology Web site, plans are in the works to expand their offerings beyond sunscreen. The future of a Wash-On line of products is extremely promising.

Aquea SPF has been an exceptionally important advancement in cosmeceutical science. Aquea Scientific has employed creative innovation and science to produce a product that appeals to many people looking for quick, easy access to healthy living. The modern world’s obsession with convenience will undoubtedly drive the technology forward.

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