For Tech-Savvy Parents, Grounding Goes Mobile With New Lockout App

For Tech-Savvy Parents, Grounding Goes Mobile With New Lockout App

Date: February 13, 2018



Columbus, OH, February 13th, 2018-Aside from a crowbar, there’s no easy way to separate anyone under the age of 21 from a smartphone. Of course, most parents will agree-that’s really the only effective method of discipline these days. Now, when a grounding is in effect, parents can skip the inevitable tug of war over mobile devices with Lockout, a brand new Android app launching in partnership with Idea Buyer, LLC.

In lieu of a wrestling match with an unruly teen, the Lockout app allows parents to remotely regulate smartphone use without physically taking the phone itself. Once downloaded, parents can create an account, search for and connect to multiple devices. Timed lockouts can restrict one or multiple apps and even the entire phone. After initial setup, the possibilities are endless:

  • Control a timed lockout during homework time to block unproductive apps
  • Set a 24/7 social media lockout for grounding
  • Schedule recurring lockouts during school or bedtime hours

If an attempt is made to open a locked out app, a restricted access notification and a countdown will display. On the release of his and partner Chad Seeling’s project, Andy Toth said “We had our own kids in mind when we thought of this idea. From our own story and success, we are confident this will restore households like it did ours.” On his kids reaction, he chuckled “They attempt to cut the grass in the snow, they took the trash to the curb two days early, they finally cleaned their own rooms and believe it or not, they cleaned mine.”

There’s a simplistic and satisfying beauty behind Lockout’s basic principle. For parents easily worn down by constant begging, the app removes the temptation-and the option-to give in. Once a block has been enabled, it can’t be undone, rendering all manner of appeals useless until the timer runs out. The Lockout app, it seems, has every base covered.


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