Ideas that helped Thanksgiving!

Ideas that helped Thanksgiving!

Date: November 22, 2017

Did they think of that idea on Thanksgiving?

Anytime a holiday comes around, I often wonder what was happening for something I use once a year, to be invented.

Due to the nature of our business, Idea Buyer is always thinking about inventions and how the idea came to be. With the holiday season upon us, we were curious about how a Thanksgiving idea turned into a kitchen necessity. Here are some of our favorites!


The Gravy Separator

Gravy on everything. It IS Thanksgiving! In 1921, Lyons Harvey was issued a patent for a combined strainer and fat separator. The gravy separator allows the fat to rise to the top and leave the stock at the bottom. I will admit, I had to ask why it’s important to separate the fat from the stock. To avoid gravy with a clumpy or gelationuos texture, the stock should have as little fat as possible. Sounds good to me!


The Pie Service and Pie Crust Shield

What’s Thanksgiving without pie? Pumpkin, Apple, Sweet Potato, Pecan, whichever is your favorite, the invention of the pie server has made it much easier to help yourself to a slice! Pie popularity in England is documented all the way back to the 16th century, according to Joseph Brady, a silver shop historian. The early 1900’s is when we started to see the pie server as we know it today. Many silver manufacturers, including Tiffany & Co., began offering serving pieces dedicated to one of the traditional Thanksgiving meal staples!

To create desire for a pie, appearance is everything! Helping bakers prevent a pie crust from becoming too brown while baking, the first patent for a pie crust shield was issued in 1975. Since, the Pie Crust Shield has seen several variations! My momma (and her pie-loving daughter) is thankful for this invention!


The Electric Wine Opener

Possibly my favorite invention ever and not just for Thanksgiving: The ELECTRIC WINE OPENER! Cheers to Robert Metz who patented the rechargeable electric corkscrew in 1994 and paved the way for many variations!


As you prepare and eat your Thanksgiving feast, keep thinking: Is there a better way to do this? If you think of a great Thanksgiving idea, contact us for help! Who knows, maybe you’ll be on this list next year!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving! –The Idea Buyer Team


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