Therma Drink

Therma Drink

Date: July 24, 2019

New Pet Bowl Keeps Water Cool

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July 24, 2019— Dublin, Ohio

Water temperature is essential to all our pet’s overall health. It’s not enough that we keep them hydrated, we must ensure that we are giving them clean water in the right temperature.  That is why we invented a new technology that would help pet owners and your pet live a healthy life and help them live longer.

Idea Buyer’s latest pet product is ready for market! Therma Drink, a new technology of pet bowls created to keep your pet’s water cool.

ThermaDrink Idea Buyer Pet Product

Special features include:

  • Bowl made of PP in 1/8 ” depth.
  • Measuring 11 1/4 ” in diameter by 4” in height on exterior.
  • Interior cavity measuring 9” diameter by 3 1/2” depth.
  • Lid made of PP in 1/8 ” depth. EPS foam applied in interior base.
  • Cavity of 90º dimension and rounded apex in lid.
  • Textured rubber material upon bottom surface.
  • Can be produced in multiple sizes.

The Therma Drink is a water bowl that has a insulation within its body that maintains the water temperature and a unique lid that covers the water. Making sure that your dog can enjoy a cool, refreshing drink whenever needed. The lid of the Therma Drink specifically designed to help maintain that temperature for long duration and also helps to keep dirt and other undesirables from entering the bowl. An open arc in this lid still allows the dog to fully and easily access the water.

By maintaining the water at a proper temperature, and keeping the undesirables out of the water, Therma Drink makes sure that your dog can get the water he needs, at the best serving temperature possible, and in a very clean and sanitary way.

ThermaDrink Idea Buyer Pet Product Eric Corl

“What a great concept! I love working with pet products”, said Idea Buyer President, Eric Corl. Read more about Eric’s thoughts on new pet products here.

 Therma Drink
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