Three Product Idea To-Dos

Three Product Idea To-Dos

Date: December 27, 2018

Having an idea for a product is great. But what do you do after that?

Here are the first three things we recommend:

1. Google. There is no better search engine, to look for things that you never knew existed. Start with a Google Patent search. Yes- Google has a section, similar to images, where you can search filed patents. Some applications will also appear. Use the terms that would describe your product idea. Then compare your concept to what is already protected.

2. Problem/ Solution. Nail down exactly what problem you are solving. Once you have that, explain how you will solve it. Bells and whistles can be added at a later time. These should be simple statements.

3. Amazon. Look for your competition. Amazon has one of the largest platforms, around the world, for people to move product. Find out what products are on the market that consumers are currently using to solve the problem you want to solve.


Easy first steps that anyone can do on their own for an intial vetting of their idea!

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