White Alert Safety Lights

White Alert Safety Lights

Date: April 22, 2019

Vehicle Safety Light

Seeking Licensing Opportunities – New Auto Technology, White Alert

April 22, 2019— Dublin, Ohio

Patent No. US9643535B1

According to Car Accidents Statistics in the US in 2019, there are nearly 40,000 fatal car accidents per year in the U.S. and each day, more than 90 Americans die in car accidents. Who would want to risk their lives for an accident that can be avoided? Many of these collisions are caused when the front vehicle has to brake suddenly and the second driver does not have time to react.  Life is too precious to lose in an accident. The safest bet is to maintain normal speed and prevent an accident from happening.

Good thing there is a new auto technology called White Alert Safety Light that is invented for us to reduce the risk of accidents or any serious injury.


 White Alert Vehicle Safety Light Idea Buyer Licensing Opportunity


White Alert is a lighting system. It works by connecting the anti-lock braking system of your vehicle.

By connecting the anti-lock braking system of your vehicle, you can alert the car behind you when the ABS is suddenly engaged. When your breaks are applied normally, the red lights on each side of White Alert illuminate.

Benefits of using White Alert:

  • A safer way for the ABS to engage.
  • Alerts following drivers.
  • It helps prevent accidents.
  • Eliminates the need for car repairs when accidents are avoided.
  • Promotes peace of mind and safety.


White Alert is a safety light that helps to prevent rear-end collisions, keeping you and the drivers behind you safe. There are so many factors that lead to accidents on the road. However, we can prevent it from happening if we will keep in mind all the road safety measures and have White Alert installed in our vehicle. Your safety and the safety of the lives behind you is of utmost concern when you are behind the wheel.

Always bear in mind that road safety is the utmost priority. By installing White Alert you can rest assure that you can get to your destination safely. It’s wise to install White Alert now!


Eric Corl, entrepreneur and Idea Buyer Founder believes White Alert has an important mission, “As vehicle safety continues to be a number one factor in consumer purchasing, I believe technology like White Alert will see increasing licensing interest.”

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