Harrassment? Idea Buyer Doesn’t Buy It

Harrassment? Idea Buyer Doesn’t Buy It

Date: April 23, 2018

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Harassment? Idea Buyer Doesn’t Buy It

Co-CEO Goes To Bat To Protect Employees, Updates Anti-Harassment Policy

Columbus, OH-The majority of businesses have an anti-harassment policy tucked into their employee handbook. Idea Buyer is no different, except that their policy isn’t just for their employees.

It’s for their clients, too.

As a family-owned business, it’s ingrained into Idea Buyer’s company culture to treat employees like people instead of numbers. Most days, clients communicate with the team mainly through phone calls and emails. Due to this lack of constant face-to-face interaction, an absence of empathy can sometimes develop. This, in turn, can snowball into bullying and Executive VP and Idea Buyer Co-CEO Lindsey Yeauger won’t stand for it.

She backed a recent move to make big changes to the company’s zero-tolerance policy on harassment. It now states implicitly that Idea Buyer employees are under no obligation to abide disrespectful behavior from clients. In a recent post to the company’s blog, Yeauger said “In defense of the family unit we have at Idea Buyer, people that I care about were allowing our clients or partners to cross that line. That ends today.”

While the Idea Buyer team is happy to produce work for clients, Yeauger went on to say that there would be no tolerance for employees being “treated with anything but dignity and respect.” This policy is non-negotiable. The clients are part of the business, but the team is part of a family.



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